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Gift Certificates

Need a maid or cleaning lady? Call us today or try LIVE HELP.

$50  Dollar Certificates

$100 Dollar Certificates

$200 Dollar Certificates

Please call us to purchase any cleaning gift certificates.

Sparkleen has smart scheduling allowing holders of vouchers or gift certificates to use them at their convenience.

   To redeem a gift certificate please call 850-264-1310 with your gift code.

Owner Statement

Hello, I am the owner of Sparkleen of Tallahassee. I promise you that our services will fit any needs you may have. Please give us a call or visit our CLEANING ESTIMATES page and let us show you that Sparkleen can fit your cleaning needs on an affordable budget.

I guarantee you that your home or business will be Sparkleen in no time.





Maid Service
          8 a.m. - 10 p.m. 7 days a week!

phone number
  2925 Stokley Ln.
  Tallahassee, Florida
  (850) 264-1310
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