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1. Every house cleaning is guaranteed.

2. Select 1-time, weekly, biweekly or a monthly cleaning schedule.

Guaranteed Clean
We guarantee every job we do. Have confidence that we will do it right, guaranteed!

Smart Scheduling
Sparkleen of Tallahassee can fit any time schedule. Select a schedule from 1-time, weekly, biweekly or a monthly cleaning schedule. If you need an unusual or custom schedule set, we can do that too.

Sparkleen knows the importance of a clean and well-kept home. Our family owned and operated business inspects all house cleaning services they do, which shows we are not only confident in a job well done, but also value each customer and the business we acquire from them. Another element that makes this company valuable is its Smart Scheduling method. No matter the time, Sparkleen will be available to provide you with home cleaning services. Whether it’s a day, week, or monthly schedule, house cleaners will be available for all house cleaning services.

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What customers have to say:
(house cleaning reviews)
Check out what a few of our customers have to say about our tallahassee cleaning services.

Michelle C.

My roommate and I were moving into a new apartment near FSU that had been vacant for a while. We started to clean the place ourselves only to realize that my roommate was allergic to the animal hair and dust that was still in the apartment. We called Sparkleen of Tallahassee and we had a clean apartment the next day! Thanks to Sparkleen we felt so much more clean and comfortable in our new apartment. Oh, and no more sneezing roommate!

Debbie H.

Being a paralegal / office manager for a local attorney in Tallahassee, I was asked to replace our old cleaning service due to poor results. We gave Sparkleen a try and now we ALWAYS come into a clean office

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