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Please take a moment to scroll down and read about some of the maid services & cleaning services that Sparkleen offers in Tallahassee.
If you have any questions, call us at 850-264-1310.

Scheduled Cleaning & Maid Service Tallahassee - Scheduling

Scheduled residential & commercial maid services. Cleaning done right. Cleaning just the way you like it on your schedule. Whatever scheduling needs you require. Sparkleen can get the job done right the first time & every time. Scheduling maids & cleaning appointments with Sparkleen maid service Tallahassee is as simple and easy as it can get. One call and you will automatically get a general phone quote from the owner herself. We try to get as close to the real price as possible but, final price is dependent on looking at the actual job. We do not charge by the square foot. We take a look at what you want cleaned and base a price on the work you decide on. The only other quotes we offer is our MEET OR BEAT GUARANTEE. Email us a current billing statement or recently dated quote and we will more often than not beat our competitor's pricing. If we cannot beat their pricing we WILL MATCH it. We strive in customer satisfaction and take our time focusing on the detail of the job.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Tallahassee

Commercial cleaning services are available with Sparkleen. Simple & easy to use cleaning services in Tallahassee. We will always work with you to fit your business schedule & cleaning needs. Call today for any commercial cleaning needs. Restaurants, office buildings, rental property, lobbies, public bathrooms & any commercial businesses. Sparkleen knows that time is valuable. Rental agents, property managers, brokers & landlords love our affordable commercial services. Work with us to build the perfect cleaning schedule for your commercial needs.

Green Clean - Eco Friendly Cleaning Company & Maid Service

Green cleaning is when we use a method of cleaning with products that are totally environmentally friendly. "Maid" with ingredients designed to be far less irritating to our amids and cleaners skin & preserve overall human health quality in the environment & planet. Technique & products used in green cleaning practices avoid the use of toxic products which contain harmful chemicals. Some chemicals release volatile fumes & chemical compounds causing breathing & skin problems in humans & animals. You can can also think of Green cleaning as the way in which residential & commercial cleaning products that maids and cleaners use are manufactured & delivered. If the processing is environmentally safe & create biodegradable cleaning products, then "green" or "Eco-friendly" cleaning may apply. It is important for us to come to the site for a green cleaning estimate before Eco friendly cleaning or maid services are purchased. Our maid company green cleaning experts can come out & quickly be able to deliver an accurate estimate for exactly the green cleaning maid services needed.

Block Rate Maid Services & Cleaning Business Services

Block rate cleaning is a great way to save time and money on your larger cleaning projects. You can purchase blocks of cleaning time from us & our cleaners/maids can work for one, two, three hours or even more maid services, if needed. It is important for us to come to the property for a cleaning estimate before block rate cleaning services are purchased. Our cleaning experts can come to your address & quickly be able to deliver an accurate estimate for exactly the cleaning & maid services that you require. Saving everyone time and money. Call Sparkleen Maids. 850-264-1310

Window Cleaning Service - Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaning services in Tallahassee requires skills & techniques. With modern window cleaning tools & most notably a squeegee. Correct window cleaning tools , chemicals & utensils, result in a better window cleaning compared to average methods; using common household window cleaners such as Windex. cleaning chemicals such as ammonia & vinegar are just as powerful as commercial window cleaning products. Specific window cleaning products are available. One way to quote a price for window cleaning services is per the entire job after an on-site inspection. Per pane prices are available for storefront & business owners. Think about how many pieces of glass window you are cleaning. A double hung window has two "panes." Call for commercial, residential & storefront window cleaning quotes, prices & estimates from a maid company. We provide window cleaning for restaurants, apartments, homes, offices, houses, mobile homes, condominiums, storefronts.

Move OUT Domestic Cleaning Service

Looking to get your deposit back after you move out? Moving out of a home, apartment or office building? Let the professional cleaners at Sparkleen ensure that your move out clean is done properly & ensure that you get your deposit back. We will go through our checklist during every move out clean to ensure that you & your landlord are very happy. It's important to leave things clean when moving out of a domestic property. We can help take the stress & hard work out of move out cleaning. Let us handle it. Move out with no hassles, call the professionals.

Move IN Local Cleaning Service

Moving into a new home, apartment or office building? Let the professional cleaners at Sparkleen ensure that you move into a clean & sanitized dwelling. We will go through a cleaning checklist during every move in clean to ensure 100% that you and your family are moving into a clean surrounding. It is important to feel comfortable when moving into new local surroundings. Who knows what is lingering on surfaces or in kitchen areas that you are moving into. We can help take the stress & hard work out of move in cleaning. Let us handle it. Move into a clean and sanitary environment, right away. Call Sparkleen household cleaning services.

Trash Out Services - Property Cleaners

REO (real estate owned) bank owned, abandoned & foreclosed property clean up & cleaning trash out services. Interior cleanup services, available now. removal of furniture, clothing, personal items, non permanent fixtures & appliances. professional trash out cleaning cleaning, with fast service & great pricing, Our solutions have what is needed for properties without electrical or water & plumbing service. We help brokers, Realtors, Contractors, rental agents, landlords & more. Trash out cleans can be a large project when done correctly. Sparkleen can handle any trash out clean. No matter how difficult. Call us and be specific on what your job requires. Do the appliances need to be removed or pulled out? Is the oven in need of a deep cleaning? Let us know what your needs are. Call us today.

Kitchen Cleaning Service - Residential Maids & Cleaners

Kitchens are the main area for cooking & eating. kitchens should always be the cleanest & most sanitized area in your home or office. many kitchens, because of the amount of time spent cooking & eating in them, are usually the least sanitary places in dwellings. Sparkleen maids can help get any kitchen back to the condition where it needs to be. Sanitized, smelling fresh, clean & to anyone's satisfaction. Cleaning kitchens is a large project when done correctly. If you need Sparkleen to clean an entire kitchen, do not be afraid to be specific on what you would like to see done. Does the fridge need to be cleaned or maybe pulled out? Is the oven in need of cleaning? Let us know what your needs are. Call us today.

Residential Cleaning Service - Maid Services

House cleaning is a tiresome and private affair. People spend countless hours keeping their home and furnishings looking tidy and clean for friends and family to enjoy; therefore a clean home is a happy home. If you are tired of wasting valuable time away from your friends and family, then call Sparkleen to set up a scheduled maid cleaning service today. Sparkleen offers a wide range of cleaning expertise and maids. We do windows, any type of flooring including: hardwood floors, tile floors and carpet. Services we also do but not limited to are baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, kitchen and appliances, glass, stainless, bathrooms, mirrors and whatever else you require cleaned. We specialize in personalized cleaning to suit you personal needs and will clean exactly what you want. So call us today and take back the time wasted. One call cleans it all, no job too big or small.

Office Cleaning Services - Professional Cleaning

We understand that keeping a clean office builds a first impression that directly reflects the professionalism of your company. When customers wait in waiting rooms they have a chance to look around and notice any uncleanliness. Employees who work in these environments have a low morale and are seen as being disorganized and unprofessional. Taking the time to keep these areas clean are our top priority. We offer a wide range of cleaning services for offices to ensure that customers and employees alike, have a clean environment to conduct business.

Apartment & Residential Cleaning Service

There are many different types of apartments. One bedrooms to Four bedrooms, upstairs, downstairs and even office and studio apartments. Don't feel left out just cause you aren't on the first floor. Don't waste the energy going up and down stars carrying tiresome equipment. Let Sparkleen slave for you. Sparkleen will take our expertise to your level to fill your cleaning needs. We clean any kind of apartments from big to small, and offer a wide range of cleaning expertise. We will clean any apartment you have from top to bottom. We use specialized routines to make sure the whole job is done to the customers satisfaction which is backed by our quality assurance money back guarantee. For a small list of services for your apartment, refer to our residential house cleaning section. Remember, one call cleans it all.

House & Residential Home Cleaning Services

A clean home is a happy home. Call Sparkleen today to setup a contract schedule for your residential household cleaning needs. We clean glass windows, hardwood floors, tile & grout, baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, garages, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchens & wherever or whatever else you need cleaned. Sparkleen gets the job done.

Sparkleen is locally and family owned.

With Sparkleen, the company is committed to providing great customer service, day or night. With their guarantee, their maid services and house cleaners are available around their customers’ schedules, giving individuals great convenience in knowing that they can reach a maid services team at a suitable time.

Affordable house cleaning services is important to any client, and with Sparkleen, we are committed to providing good service that won’t break the bank. The house cleaners and maid services offer the most reasonable prices in Tallahassee, especially with its price matching policy. If customers notice another company with lower prices, Sparkleen will match their prices, giving customers competitive pricing. With the various house services available at already inexpensive prices, having price matching will definitely help customers stay on budget as well as receive great house cleaning services.

House cleaning & maid quotes

The world wide web is quickly becoming the best source for info & business consumer reviews. Internet searchers can find & read about our cleaning services, request a quote in Tallahassee, & contact customer service. Consumer reviews for our services are posted on the website, allowing people to know how pleased they are with the cleaning Sparkleen provided for their apartment, home & or businesses, also informing others on how Tallahassee residents should call Sparkleen if you need a maid or other cleaning services in Tallahassee.

House cleaners

Now that it is out, it's clear that Sparkleen is one of the best house cleaners in Tallahassee. We are efficient in every service that they provide, also Sparkleen gives each customer their best effort in making sure each property they service is well kept & perfectly clean. No jobs are too small or too large for this cleaning company, whatever is needed, their cleaners & maids will be there to do the best in home cleaning you could expect. Home cleaning isn't just what they offer; Sparkleen will also clean local Tallahassee businesses, giving the business's employees & management a better work environment.

Guaranteed Clean
We guarantee and inspect every job we do. Have confidence that we will do it right, guaranteed!




Maid Service
          8 a.m. - 10 p.m. 7 days a week!

What's included in a
Sparkleen house cleaning?

We offer cleaning services for:



Wood Floors









Tile Floors


Move ins

Move outs

Trash outs

Dorm Rooms

Laundry Service

Other services Sparkleen Cleaning Company provides in Tallahassee include window cleaning; pressure washing; gutters, chandelier fixtures; covered entry cleaning; construction clean up; and ceiling fans. From the extensive list, it goes to show that no job is too big or too small for Sparkleen.

Looking for house cleaning services in Tallahassee & the surrounding areas? Call us for a fast, free quote over the phone or get a quote via email.

Affordable cleaning service. With our customer service, each contact made via telephone will be an added satisfied experience to an already excellent home cleaning service.

Cleaning services in Tallahassee

There are many house cleaning services in Tallahassee that can get the job finished, making a home feel clean and uncluttered, but there is one company that will make your house or apartment feel like 1 million dollars, Sparkleen house cleaning services. Sparkleen, which was started in 1999, has been providing home cleaning and maid service to the people of Tallahassee FL & will be continuing to offer the best cleaning rates for house cleaning that people love.

Sparkleen knows how important it is to have a clean and well maintained house. Family owned & operated, the Sparkleen company inspects house cleaning jobs, to ensure not only that we are confident in a job well cleaned, but that we also value every customer & the payment acquired from them. Another thing that makes Sparkleen helpful is Smart Scheduling. No matter what time, Sparkleen is available to schedule household services in Tallahassee FL. Whether a day, week, or even monthly cleaning schedule, Sparkleens house cleaners are there for you for house cleaning services.

Cleaning service

From regular bedroom cleanings & bathrooms to kitchens and appliances, Sparkleen provides house cleaning service to any & every room upon customer request. Sparkleen can assist with move in cleaning & move out cleaning giving tenants a feeling of comfort if they are moving into a first new home or leaving moving to another apartment or house in Tallahassee FL.

Sparkleen in Tallahassee provides window cleaning; exterior pressure washing; clean dirty gutters, chandelier dusting, home entry cleaning covered entryway; post construction clean up; & also ceiling fan dust cleaning. You can see that no job is too large or small for Sparkleen house cleaners.

House & apartment cleaning isn't all Sparkleen provides. Sparkleen also services commercial companies & local business in Tallahassee, offering professional office & business services just as we would at a house.

With apartment / house cleaning & local business, cleaners and maids can clean and disinfect any property, leaving every area Sparkleen clean.

Customers also know when they reach customer service, an experienced individual from the cleaning industry will be there to help anyone calling regarding an appointment, questions or concerns about home or office cleaning, or just to let Sparkleen know that we are doing a good job.

Smart Scheduling
Sparkleen of Tallahassee can fit any time schedule. Select a schedule from 1-time, weekly, biweekly or monthly. If you need an unusual or custom schedule set, we can do that too.

Home Cleaning & Commercial
Homes are not the only area Sparkleen provides cleaning for. We also cleans offices, companies and businesses in Tallahassee, giving the same professional services as we would for a home.

Affordable services are vital to our clients, with Sparkleen, we are dedicated to providing excellent house, apartment or business cleaning that will not hurt your budget. Sparkleen's cleaning technicians & maids offer reasonable pricing in Tallahassee, with Sparkleen's price matching policy. If you notice any other house cleaning company in Tallahassee with a lower price, Sparkleen will match that price, allowing it's customers competitive prices. various house cleaning services are available at affordable prices, the price matching option can help customers on a budget and also receive fantastic cleaning service.

Customer service is important to making Sparkleen successful. The company is dedicated to providing the best customer service it can, day or night. Sparkleen's maid services & cleaners are ready around their customers' schedule, allowing every one great convenience in knowing they can call a maid team at convenient times up until 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week.

In business for over 13 years. We have been cleaning Tallahassee since 1999 and we will continue to provide quality services long into the future. Call Sparkleen today for any of your cleaning needs. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our services.

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