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cleaning service tallahasseeCleaning services

apartment cleaning services

Apartment Cleaning

Apartment cleaning Tallahassee. Call now for a cleaning estimate! 850-264-1310

scheduled cleaning service

Scheduled cleaning

Start a cleaning schedule with Sparkleen Cleaning Services in Tallahassee.

carpet cleaning service

carpet cleaning

Need carpet cleaning? Sarkleen offers carpet cleaning service in Tallahassee.

block rate cleaning service

Block Rate Cleaning

Block rate cleaning is available with a 3 hr. minimum purchase. Call us now!

kitchen cleaning service

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning done right in Tallahassee. Oven and fridge cleaners.

green cleaning service

Green Cleaning

Green and eco friendly services are available. Call and ask us today.

move in cleaning service

Move In Cleaning

Move into a clean home. Call Sparkleen for your move in cleaning company Tallahassee.

move out cleaning service

Move Out Cleaning

Moving out? Call Sparkleen to handle all of your move out cleaning.

trash out cleaning service

Trash Out Cleaning

Sparkleen offers affordable trash out cleaning services in Tallahassee.



Please take a moment to scroll down and read about some of the maid services & cleaning services that Sparkleen offers in Tallahassee.
If you have any questions, call us at 850-264-1310.

Scheduled Cleaning & Maid Service Tallahassee - SchedulingHouse Cleaning

Scheduled residential & commercial maid services. Cleaning done right. Cleaning just the way you like it on your schedule. Whatever scheduling needs you require. Sparkleen can get the job done right the first time & every time. Scheduling maids & cleaning appointments with Sparkleen maid service Tallahassee is as simple and easy as it can get. One call and you will automatically get a general phone quote from the owner herself. We try to get as close to the real price as possible but, final price is dependent on looking at the actual job. We do not charge by the square foot. We take a look at what you want cleaned and base a price on the work you decide on. The only other quotes we offer is our MEET OR BEAT GUARANTEE. Email us a current billing statement or recently dated quote and we will more often than not beat our competitor's pricing. If we cannot beat their pricing we WILL MATCH it. We strive in customer satisfaction and take our time focusing on the detail of the job.

Commercial Cleaning Service in Tallahassee

Commercial cleaning services are available with Sparkleen. Simple & easy to use cleaning services in Tallahassee. We will always work with you to fit your business schedule & cleaning needs. Call today for any commercial cleaning needs. Restaurants, office buildings, rental property, lobbies, public bathrooms & any commercial businesses. Sparkleen knows that time is valuable. Rental agents, property managers, brokers & landlords love our affordable commercial services. Work with us to build the perfect cleaning schedule for your commercial needs.

cleaning service tallahasseeFeatured Clients

Please have a look at some of our featured clients in Tallahassee. If you need cleaning service, call us today for a fast, free estimate.

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Green Clean - Eco Friendly Cleaning Company & Maid Service

Green CleaningGreen cleaning is when we use a method of cleaning with products that are totally environmentally friendly. "Maid" with ingredients designed to be far less irritating to our amids and cleaners skin & preserve overall human health quality in the environment & planet. Technique & products used in green cleaning practices avoid the use of toxic products which contain harmful chemicals. Some chemicals release volatile fumes & chemical compounds causing breathing & skin problems in humans & animals. You can can also think of Green cleaning as the way in which residential & commercial cleaning products that maids and cleaners use are manufactured & delivered. If the processing is environmentally safe & create biodegradable cleaning products, then "green" or "Eco-friendly" cleaning may apply. It is important for us to come to the site for a green cleaning estimate before Eco friendly cleaning or maid services are purchased. Our maid company green cleaning experts can come out & quickly be able to deliver an accurate estimate for exactly the green cleaning maid services needed.