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Q: Some cleaning companies offer maid discounts, but I would have to sign a contract to get the special price. Do I need to sign a contract to get cleaning service discounts on my cleaning services from Sparkleen?

A: No, you do not need to sign any type of contract to get the house or office cleaning discounts that we offer.

Q: I have seen cleaning company coupons for several cleaning companies in Tallahassee, but they all say that their deals cannot be combined with any other cleaning offers. Does Sparkleen allow us to combine cleaning coupons and discounts?

A: Yes, you can combine our coupons and maid service discounts. We have seen customers get as much as $10.00 off + another 35% off their first cleaning, 50% off their second cleaning, and 50% off their third cleaning!

Sparkleen knows that some seniors are just not able to do all the household chores and cleaning that is required at their Tallahassee residence. To be honest with you, we don't even think seniors should be doing very many house cleaning chores at all. :|

Take some of the backbreaking, hard work out of keeping your house clean. Sparkleen can clean all of your homes areas on a scheduled basis and on an affordable budget, for mostly any senior citizens.


Up to 25% OFF for any seniors requiring help with household cleaning.
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Premium Cleaning

Sparkleen offers premium cleaning services in the Tallahassee area. We are certain that we can do the best job for you when it comes to your cleaning needs, or your money back!

Smart Scheduling

With Sparkleen's "Smart Scheduling", you can feel confident that your scheduled cleanings will be performed without a hitch. Customer support is open until 10:00 p.m. 7 days a wk.

100% Guarantee

If you can find anything at all that was not cleaned properly, Sparkleen's cleaners will return within 24 hrs. to complete the task in question at no charge, or your money back!

Sparkleen Cleaning Service Specials

  • 15% off
  • One cleaning
  • Free estimate
  • Up to 2000 sq. ft.
  • Includes windows
  • Residential only
  • Can be combined with other discounts
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  • 20% off
  • First two cleanings
  • Free estimate
  • Up to 2500 sq. ft
  • Includes windows
  • Residential only
  • Can be combined with other discounts
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  • 50% off
  • Third cleaning
  • Free estimate
  • Up to 4000 sq. ft
  • Includes windows, oven & fridge
  • Residential & commercial
  • Can't be combined with other discounts
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