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Take a break, hire a housekeeper!

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Do you own a home that just beats you up every time you clean?

Are you still holding back having a maid come clean even though deep down you know you want one?

While your maid is cleaning...

You could be lounging on the sofa, listening to some soft music while reading your favorite book.

Our maids can make your carpets feel soft, and your kitchen spotless.

Not to mention when our maids are finished you would have that sweet scent that your home is clean.

How soon do you want to stop the endless cycle of chores and go home for a vacation?

Call today (850) 264-1310 or visit

What Our Customers Tell Us:

"I just had a tenant move out of a 5000 sq ft. office complex. You and your team whipped that property into shape. Thank you Sparkleen!!" Debbie - Property Manager

"I didn't know cleaning companies stay in touch with their regular customers by email. All I have to do is send in my weekly list and Sparkleen follows my directions to the letter." Mr. P - Disabled Veteran

"Not only do they do meticulous work, but Sparkleen cleans like no other company I used before. It's good to see that attention to detail." Ivette - Working Mom

"I called on Thanksgiving and they were the only company that answered the phone. Plus they showed up earlier than scheduled after calling to make sure it was OK." Jay - Business Owner

"No matter when I call, Sparkleen fits me in. I also like that they don't mind if I slip out and go shopping while they clean my home." Aida - Home Maker

"In 5 months my tenants never cleaned out the oven or refrigerator. Thought I needed new appliances. In less than 2 hours Sparkleen brought them back to life. Thank you!" Brian - Landlord

"Had an open house on a bank foreclosure the next day. House was dirty and dingy. Came back 3 hours later. WOW! Simply beautiful!" Mike - Tallahassee Realtor

"Sparkleen showed up and an hour later we couldn't tell we had a party and a house full of people the night before. You're on my speed dial." Nick FSU Student

"Selling my house. Sparkleen made it showroom ready" Dan in Killearn Estates

"I work long shifts and can't keep up. Great to come home to a clean home" - Carol in Southwood

"I've got 3 children that make big messes. Sparkleen can clean!" - Chris - Old BainBridge Rd

"My mom was coming to town, but I had to study. You got me out of a bad spot." Kate FSU Student
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