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Picking the right House Cleaning Service

Tips for choosing the best cleaning service.
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House cleaning services can come in all shapes and prices, so how do you pick the best one?
One of the first things you should look into are their services. Its important to know what services you get included in your home clean, and what services you DONT receive or have to pay extra for. This will avoid confusion and troubles later down the road. Each cleaning service is unique and different from one another. Some services provide basic house cleaning [Dust, Sweep, Mop, Vaccume, Sanitize, etc.] While other house cleaning services will provide more in depth cleaning and additional options for you to choose from. Include cleaning the walls and baseboards inside your home, or washing the dishes and finishing the laundry. Your service could be endless with the right cleaning provider. Ask about these kinds of services BEFORE you buy to ensure all your cleaning requirements can be met. Another key is to do a little research on the cleaning service provider that catches your eye. Look at online reviews and see what other customers have to say about their provided service. To many bad reviews could be a warning that the cleaning service is flaw.

While shopping around for that perfect cleaning service take a minute to think about what you specifically want or need cleaned, and at what price you can afford. Having a budget and knowing your ground will help you find the right house cleaning service provider easier and quicker. Costs can range anywhere from $50.00 to $500.00 depending on what type of cleaning service you need provided. Something to think about when getting quotes from a cleaning service is the amount of house cleaning labor hours you will get for your money from that service provider. For example, Sparkleen offers unique pricing built around your home and personal cleaning service needs. That price comes with a maximum set amount of hours that you can have your very own Sparkleen maid for in that time. This protects you from having any surprise charges on your bill that was not previously agreed upon.

NOTE: Hourly rate cleaning is an alternative to cleaning service packages. With hourly rates you are guaranteed to get a certain amount of cleaning labor hours for your money. It's usually a good way to be sure you get the best bang for your buck. If you have a large property to be cleaned, hourly cleaning is what we would suggest.
-Another thing to consider in your cleaning service is having your stove, oven and/or refrigerator cleaned. Most cleaning services charge extra for cleaning appliances.

Sparkleen can replace your stove-top drip pans/burner pans for only $35.00

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